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Night Watch by Savaena Night Watch by Savaena
"Darkshire is a once-quaint little woodland village located in Duskwood, but it has fallen on literally dark times. The surrounding forests have been filled with an evil malaise that cloaks the land in constant darkness. The walking dead choke the graveyards, and foul creatures known as worgen have overrun many of the outlying farmsteads. Even worse, Stormwind has all but abandoned the village and the surrounding area, as most of the Stormwind army is currently off fighting on the Horde/Alliance front. This has left the stubborn people of Duskwood little choice but to defend themselves.

"The small town now numbers a scant 3,500 people (according to the WOW RPG books) a great deal of them refugees from Raven Hill. Lord Ello Ebonlocke is the elected mayor of this town. His daughter, Commander Althea Ebonlocke, runs the Night Watch, a local militia that works to keep the roads free and the creeping darkness back for as long as possible. They strike against the undead and worgen that plague the land. The people of Duskwood are a jumpy and suspicious lot, but they are desperate for any aid they can get against the evil that now surrounds their homes.

"Darkshire did not always have that name. The town was formerly known as Grand Hamlet,[2] which was destroyed in the First War by invading orcs, but was later reconstructed.

"It is possible that the dark times began with a slaughter of the Nobles of Darkshire at the party in Medivh's tower Karazhan, not far from Darkshire. Several notable names can be met as enslaved ghosts within the tower, including possible brother or father of current mayor, Ebonlocke, and relatives of all councilmen in current Town Hall.

"Whatever the cause of Karazhan's darkening, it corrupted the town of Grand Hamlet and the surrounding area, eventually changing southern Elwynn into Duskwood, and Grand Hamlet into Darkshire."

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Rosalind-WT Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work. I myself love Darkshire most in WOW world.
DwayneBro Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Oh creepy! I love the mystery and suspense in this one. This is quite a large piece and when I scrolled to the left see more of the piece. I was shocked by the background! Excellent storytelling! The main character is a babe! I love it!
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February 12, 2010
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